The Twist / 轉

Dizi, Sheng, Pipa, Ruan / 笛子、笙、琵琶、阮

This piece has been revised for two times. You would hear the past me, and the present me.

First Twist / Twister
When I applied for the HKAPA, I wrote this piece without guidance. I composed with the idea of my own architectural design. My graduation project, 4 towers twisting into 1 tower, as if the sounds of 4 instruments morphing into 1 sound.

Second Twist / Turn
Seems like the piece wasn’t about architecture after all. I should not be twisting my past and present together. I twisted my piece with more refined techniques under the guidance of my teacher. And simply say it’s the twist of a towel or marshmallows. And I applied for competitions.

Third Twist / Reversal
I messed up the basic metre. One more time, one more time. Overlapping sounds mixing around, mixing around. One more time? Stop it’s fine. Aren’t you tired of doing this?

This is an interesting piece. Twisting around for two years, transforming from a prelude to a postlude. How much have it changed? Thank you all for being with me for these two years. Please, let me twist again. I’ll be fine this time, right…?


第一轉 / 旋轉 / 45度
報讀演藝學院時 只靠自己寫成的一首作品打算寫一首跟自己的建築設計有關的樂曲就畢業作品吧 四座大廈轉成一座就像四個樂器的聲音轉成一種聲音

第二轉 / 扭轉 / 135度
看來樂曲還是跟建築沒太大關係吧還是別亂把自己的過去跟現在轉成一舊跟著老師的指導 把樂曲扭得更有技巧然後說是扭棉花糖扭毛巾什麼的 再報比賽試試看

第三轉 / 逆轉 / ?度

這首作品還真是有趣經歷了兩年的轉折 由序曲轉成終曲還真的變了很多呢感謝這兩年來陪伴自己的各位現在,讓我再轉一次這次,應該沒有問題了吧…?

Premiere: 10.4.2019
Dizi: 郭栒曦 Kwok Chun Hei
Sheng: 蘇陶 So To
Pipa: 梁家洛 Leung Ka Lok
Ruan: 吳百燊 Justin Ng