WU Hou Lam (Eagle or AQ) is a musician, composer and interdisciplinary artist. His work encompasses sound installations, interactive web pieces, audiovisual compositions and compositions for acoustic instruments. He is particularly interested in how architecture, as a kind of spatial art, interacts with music/sound as a kind of temporal art.

He graduated from the Universität der Künste Berlin, Master of Arts (Sound Studies and Sonic Arts), the University of Hong Kong in Architectural Studies, and the School of Music, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, major in Composition.



Awards and Scholarships 獲獎

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund / 香港特別行政區政府獎學基金

Grantham Scholarship / 葛量洪獎學基金

Re-Claim – Best Interdisciplinary Projects 2018/19 | School of Music, HKAPA
Re-Claim – 2018/19年度最佳跨媒體作品 | 香港演藝學院音樂學院

Technological Explosion III – Honorable Mention | Decoding Cantonese Creativity
電腦大爆炸.三 – 榮譽表彰 | 粵語現代音樂創意研究‎

Selected Works for Presentation 入選演奏或展出作品

Fragile – Selected | UNPOP, Burning Man 2022

Elemental – Selected | Antematter, Catharsis, Burning Man 2022

Grinding Gears – Selected | Gaudeamus Screen Dive Phase 3

The Rite of Washing – Selected for Performance | HKCO Net Festival, With New Tunes, We Connect, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
洗之祭- 入圍 | 香港中樂團 – 香港網上中樂節 – 新韻傳音

Link – Selected for Performance | Music from the Heart 2017, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
連結 – 入圍 | 香港中樂團 – 心樂集2017

Participated Exhibitions 參與展覽

Three Dishes One Soup / 三餸一湯 | speicherN 2023

The Plague | Prague Quadrennial 2023 – Hong Kong Pavilion
鼠疫 | 布拉格劇場四年展 2023 – 香港館

Outdoor Sound Installation Exhibition “Sounding Architecture” | Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
校園戶外音樂裝置展「發聲共鳴」 | 台灣元智大學

Roles 角色

Music Arranger, Cellist | The A-Players
編曲及大提琴手 | The A-Players

Conductor, Cellist | Kwun Tong Maryknoll College Alumni Chinese Orchestra
指揮及大提琴手 | 觀塘瑪利諾書院校友會中樂團

Previous Involvements 過往參與項目

Research Project “Sounding Architecture” | Department of Architecture, HKU
「發聲建築」研究項目 | 香港大學建築學院建築系


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