The Twist

A high rise 21 floor housing project, applying the Twisting Housing Prototype onto Dafen Village, Shenzhen, PRC.

Taking the village grid orientation of the buildings taken down,
the building starts off by 4 building footprints (site specific, generic square 10m x10m).

Then the footprints twist into one tower (fillet edge square, 20m x20m)
and then twist towards the city grid orientation (parallel to the highway next to the village).

The four separated buildings are connected with corridors and bridges to share the same lift and fire staircase. The fire staircases and pipe shafts are transferred on a transfer floor.

Spring, 2015
Special Thanks to Helpers: Shirley Woo, Helen Kwok, Lawrence Ting, Wong Ming Chiu, Clarence Fong, Cherie Cheung, Pinky Ip, Fonia Ng, Joshua Ho, Haydn Lo, Ambrose Yiu, Kelly Mok, Jacky Fong, Geoffery Kam