The Plague / 鼠疫

Light and Sound Installation / 燈光與聲音裝置

// Collaborative Work with Tat Sham

// Exhibited in Prague Quadrennial 2023, Part of the Hong Kong Exhibition / Re-hear

Albert Camus’s The Plague is a collection of testimonies from different stakeholders in a pandemic. The novel displays the vulnerability of individual existence, reminding us to confront the “real” we witnessed, instead of embracing the histories written by the authorities.

This work transformed the public hearing setting from a Cantonese theatre adaptation of the novel in 2020 Hong Kong into an interactive audio installation.

Audience are invited to this public hearing, however nothing is “spoken” or “heard”. You may inquire, but nothing is “understood” by the authorities.

Therefore, the machine on the table, a dictaphone, which used to record testimony on court, now become a machine of obfuscation.

There is only one way to escape from this inextricability, can you find it?