Technology Explosion / 電腦大爆炸

Double Bass, Two Percussionist and Live Generative Electronics

Jokes on you when you force a performance between a double bassist, two percussionists and a composer. Performed on a scholarship presentation ceremony, we looked quite professional and avant-garde, though no one really get it.

For the uninitiated: “Computer Explosion” is a meme in Hong Kong, though only a certain generation of people knows this.


注: 電腦大爆炸為網絡短片,只有某一代的香港人才明白意思。

Premiere: 30.4.2019
Double Bass / 蘇嘉樂 So Ka Lok
Percussion / 伍展博 Ng Chin Pok
Percussion / 車曉嵐 Che Hiu Lam