Rubble on Stone Slab Street / 石板街上的碎石

Stone Slab Street, officially named as Pottinger Street, is a street in Central, witnessed a century and a half of Hong Kong history. The city develops in a pressing pace, as the streetscape of Stone Slab Street constantly changes. However, everything that once happened or existed on Stone Slab Street, shall become memories of space. Even if the form disappears, the space it once existed leaves traces. My mother spent her childhood on Stone Slab Street until the building she once lived in was demolished by the government.

The work is a collection of pieces created by my impressions on spoken childhood memories of Stone Slab Street from my mother. Four Movements were planned in the work, only the Introduction and the 1st Movement were finished. Hopefully, music could reconstruct memories within the space, picking up the Rubble on Stone Slab Street.



Stone Steps and Ditch / 石級石渠

Alto Guan, Soprano Sheng, Yangqin, Pipa, Horn, Bassoon

Stone Slab Street was covered with granite stone steps. There are ditches made with stone to carry away the rainwater. My mother used to bring her brother and sister to play on the Stone Steps. They played toy cars on the ditches as if they are racetracks, as well as coke bottle lids etc.

石板街爲一條以石塊舖蓋路面,連接山上的街道。 街道旁均有石渠瀉走雨水。母親年幼時經常帶同弟弟及妹妹到石級上玩耍,玩的遊戲包括把石渠當作賽道玩玩具車、荷蘭水蓋等等。

Premiere: 2.3.2018
Alto Guan / 袁譽珈 Yuen Yu Ka Jaggery
Soprano Sheng / 向咏琦 Xiang Yongqi
Yangqin / 鄺保琪 Kwong Po Ki
Pipa / 陳曉鋒 Chan Hiu Fung, Nickolas
Horn / 余梓朗 Yu Tsz Long
Bassoon / 呂紀賢 Lui Kei Yin