Repetitive Error / 阿寶

Saxophone Solo and Wind Quintet / 色士風獨奏 木管五重奏伴奏

This feels familiar… Though I forgot the reason…
Avoid Avoid Avoid
Repeat Repeat Repeat
Oh, I got it.Oh wait, everything is on fire already.
Is this punishment? Retribution? Or Fate?
I hate just standing there watching things fall apart.
I hate the feeling that nothing can be done.

“Humanity end up making the same mistake over and over again.”
Amuro Ray, from <Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam> Episode 36

逃避 逃避 逃避
重複 重複 重複
噢 原來是這樣一回事
噢 原來已經火燒後欄
是懲罰? 報應? 還是命運?

阿寶, 《機動戰士Z高達》 第36集

Premiere: 26.11.2018
Alto Saxophone: 龐天佑 Pong Tin Yau
Flute: 馬浚鋒 Ma Chun Fung Jeffrey
Sheng: 蘇陶 So To (Clarinet Substitute)
Oboe: 吳卓恩 Ng Cheuk Yan Viola
Horn: 余梓朗 Yu Tsz Long
Bass Guan: 袁譽珈 Yuen Yu Ka Jaggery (Bassoon Substitute)