Phrase Deconstruction / 拆解

Semi-Closed Sound Feedback System with Visuals and User Interaction / 半封閉聲音回輸系統、影像與互動

In authoritarian states, governments attempt to flatten out opposite opinions in order to maintain social stability. Using this as an initial concept, sounds are generated from words and sentences into bursts of white noise filtered by various center frequencies, later dampened into pure tones by the feedback system.

The Sound feedback system was created with 1 Local Feedback loop and 1 triggered noise filter to interfere with the system.

Text input is used to alter the feedback system, as a realization of converting sentences by the user into sound, and shattering it by the feedback system. The text input field in the viewer window is used to convert sentences as strings into an array of ASCII integers, which creates a new flock of boids, and its values are then converted into various values for Boids creation. The total number of characters within a sentence decides the radius, cohesion and alignment forces of all the boids created from the same sentence. In the nature of ASCII integers, smaller numbers are usually symbols and higher numbers are usually English characters. This is used symbolically for each boid’s individual properties. Symbols (lower numbers) tend to cling closer to other boids (lower desired separation and separation force), while having higher speed as they are lighter. The opposite is true for characters (higher numbers).

The resultant system is a semi-closed feedback system, in which delay times are originally controlled by two moving boids, which its modulating sounds are more stable in nature. Worth noting that when the boids passes through the walls (due to wrap), the shift in values cause a noticable change in sound, as if it indicates a boid has passed through the boundary of the system. Upon entering words into the interface, the system converts them into sound by their respective ASCII integers into bursts of filtered noise, which creates disturbances within the system, according to what characters (symbols or characters) and how many characters (length of words create different behaviours of boids) the user inputs. The system would quickly dampen the disturbances back to more pure tones from noises.