Sound Installation, Field Recordings and Generative Electronics / 聲音裝置、環境錄音與生成電子音樂

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The project aims to explore the possibility of using speakers as building blocks of an installation, potentially creating fluid dynamic forms by using algorithms, while using the installation as a unique, irregular speaker array for sound spatialization explorations. The project also explores the practical side of realizing the installation, exploring the assembly and disassembly of small speaker and their housing units, allowing simpler transportation to different places, as well as the reusability of building blocks to create different forms using the same modules, while saving and recycling building materials.

The general approach in creating parametric installations is to generate building elements through the help of algorithms, creating custom elements with different dimensions through attractors and massing form.

The challenge of this project is reuse and re-adaptability, creating reusable speaker units and building blocks to create installations of different forms and shapes, prolonging the life of installation building blocks as well as assisting transportation of installations as the installation can be disassembled into smaller pieces easily. By replacing joint elements with new sizes, installations of new forms can be created, potentially making new arrangements of speakers, exploring new forms of architectural space and sonic space, while minimizing material wastage in this process.

Premiere: 19.2.2021
Advisor: Thomas Koch
Logistics and Idea Contribution: Anthony Lee Ka
Logistics: Endre Vazul Mándli
Streaming and Technical Support: Nico Espinoza
Venue and Logistics: SoundsAbout