Module / 模組

Generative Sounds and Visuals / 生成電子音樂及影像

This piece was inspired by the Metabolism Movement, a Japanese architectural movement from the 60s. Modularized Units are able to connect with each other, growing larger. Older modules can be replaced, achieving dynamic self-revitalization. The city and architecture are like organisms, growing, deteriorating and restoring. This piece is an extension of a visual piece “Space City” by the composer. Size of modules are based on the golden ratio. The growth model of the modules are based on the L-System.

此作品概念源自「代謝運動」,一個60年代日本建築師及設計師發起的建築設計運動。模組化的單位,能夠不斷彼此鏈接,向外擴展。變舊了的模組,可以更換,達致一種動態自我更新。城市建築尤如生物,會生長、變壞、再自我修復。此作品爲作曲家圖像作品 《太空城市》 的延伸。模組大小依照黃金比例。模組生長模式依照L系統。

Premiere: 11.05.2018
Video Operator: 胡旨澄 Esther Wu Chi Ching

Revised: 01.2020
Installation: 17.01.2020
Sonic Curiosities No.3, Berlin, Germany