Sound Installation and Generative Electronics / 聲音裝置與生成電子音樂

Virtual Experience of the Sound Installation: https://junction-web.vercel.app/

Junction is a 32-Channel Sound Installation with a 1-hour, 3-Section generative sound composition loop, based on various implications of space in terms of geometry, trajectories and materiality. Varies techniques on point-line-plane implications, raytracing, virtual space manipulation are used to control varies parameters on sound making and sound spatialization, implying different sound-space situations that develops over time within the installation.

The installation is a simple construction of cube-like structure, made with equal-length PVC pipes and 3D-printed joints. The cubes act as the basic building module that could be expanded into a large structure of any orthogonal form, while allowing paths within the structure. The mono-visual of the cube modules creates a strong orthogonal directionality, while the paths are not visually prominent. This iteration of the installation – Junction, has several paths which pushes listeners to walk around, and 3 center space where listeners could sit down and listen. The construction is lightweight, with the ability of quick assembly and disassembly, reusability and flexibility.