Is There? / 有沒有?

Soprano and Flute / 女高音與長笛

此曲靈感來自西西《我城》 第九章。




The piece is inspired by Chapter 9 of Xi Xi’s Novel “My City”.

“My City” was written in the 1970s. The ninth chapter describes the train carrying coffins from Hung Hom Railway Station to Wo Hop Shek. The word “There is” written on the sign is just the opposite of the fate of the coffin. You can say there is, but actually there isn’t.

The author laments the objects and values of Hong Kong are disappearing, the same as the coffins taken away by train.Is it the same to you when there is or there isn’t?

At that time, people did not care. Sadly, Hong Kong, after almost 40 years, remained heartless. The pace of disappearance however, becomes faster and faster.

Premiere: 20.11.2017
Soprano: 李俞澄 Lee Yu Ching Fifi
Flute: 祝曉嵐 Chuk Hiu Lam Crystal