Grinding Gears

Virtual Reality, Interactive Web Sound Piece

This Project has been selected to be displayed on the online interactive sound art platform
Gaudeamus Screen Dive

How impactful is overworking to the society? The hustle culture, or many Asian working culture, encourages working overtime as an achievement, good attitude, peer pressure or simply just to avoid being fired.

Grinding Gears is an accelerated experience of the daily routine of an overworked person. A virtual city
generated with individuals with daily routines generated from data from surveys of how many hours people sleep, travel and work. You may experience the piece from a god’s eye view to see the entire city crumbling to overworking, or move freely in the city to see it in a first-person view, and of course, as one of the individuals.

Sounds are triggered whenever an individual changes their working state. Harsh sentences of bosses or
colleagues talking to you will also be triggered from the individual’s point of view, based on the pressure
that accumulates overtime.

Built with ToneJS and ThreeJS on Next Framework, can be played on a web browser, and soon compatible for VR on smartphones.