Galante Feten / Inserts and Epilogue

Opera (Solo Singers, SATB Choir, Small Ensemble and Electronics)

// Collaboration with Ensemble Utopera

// Documentation Not Yet Available

“Who are we?” is the question that is being asked. The roles that we are playing in a performance, in everyday life, in meeting different people, seem to vary a lot from who we really are. Various short interludes are added into the opera, questioning what is reality, what is the truth and who the person interacting with you actually is. Is it even possible to differentiate between a performance and reality? Or is reality just a performance itself? Alterations, inserts and an epilogue for Ethyl Smyth’s FĂȘte Galante has been composed, performed by Ensemble Utopera. Soloists are each given a topic related to reality to improvise on in a frozen, monologue situation, which is processed and spatialized live. The Opera ends with a newly composed epilogue, which performers gradually return to their daily selves and talk to people, while retaining a certain amount of performance instructions to follow.