Freeze / 靜止

Clarinet, Viola, Cello and Piano / 單簧管、中提琴、大提琴與鋼琴

In the city of madness, there is only efficiency but no room for everything else. Could time be frozen for us to take a breath, to enjoy what we have at the moment?

在這瘋狂的城市 只有效率 沒有空間時間可否靜止 譲我們可以呼吸 欣賞當下的一切?

Premiere: 25.9.2017
Clarinet: 何晉業 / Ho Chun Yip Dell
Viola: 馬金怡 / Ma Kam Yee Bowie
Cello: 周恭志 / Chow Kung Chi Aron
Piano: 李永霆 / Lee Wing Ting Tony