Echoing Bamboo / 聲聲築

Installation 裝置

// Collaboration Work / 共同創作作品

Sound echoes our footsteps
Pitches respond to our lives


The site is located in the main circulation axis of Yuan Ze University, “The Passage of Red Bricks”. Students would pass through the passageway with trees on both sides when they go to school or going back home. To respond to the movement of students on the site, we turned the passageway into an instrument, which students shall activate the instrument when on their way back and forth to classes.

Upon navigating through the installation, due to the latency of activation of the instrument, sound and elastic movement sustains after the user leaves the pedal he was at, as if the instrument is responding as the ripples of the movement of the person, both in sound and space. The sound tune become a delayed response to the movement, which can only be perceived many seconds after finishing the entire bridge, and the sound will sustain for a longer period as well. If there are many people activating the instrument at the same time, the tune will be blurred, which resembles a water surface with ripples from many sources.

作品在元智大學的人流主要通道紅磚道。學生上課跟下課都必定會經過兩旁都有樹的紅磚道。回應學生在紅磚道的活動, 我們將通道變成一個樂器,讓學生上學下學走過通道的時候就能夠奏出樂器。

走過吊橋的一刻, 因聲音裝置啟動的延遲, 驅使餘音和彈性動能於使用者離開踏板的一刻延留, 繼續晃動,樂器對使用者行動的回應就像聲音跟空間的漣漪。 若只有一人走過吊橋, 校園鐘聲將變成一個對行動延遲了的反應, 只能於走完裝置後數秒才能辨識校園鐘聲, 而聲音跟空間的晃動將延留一段時間。 如果有多人同時走過吊橋, 校園鐘聲將會變得朦朧, 就像一塊水面上泛起多個漣漪, 空間與聲音變成了湖泊般。

Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

製作團隊 Team:
龍亭君 Tina
鮑恩 Annie
黃嘉誠 Area
徐佑欣 Maxine
施若婕 Jessie
王曉婷 Hsiao