Cycle / 循環

Wind Quintet / 管樂五重奏

This piece is composed according to the Chinese Five Elements theory. Its structure follows strictly according to the Five Elements’ characteristics, order of growth, and their respective scale. The piece is called “Cycle”, representing the theory’s idea of ever-transformation of chi circulating the universe.

This piece was composed in three days, to enter a composition competition and to hand in a Chinese Medicine assignment. A piece composed in three days would definitely lose the competition. And I’m still clueless about Chinese Medicine theories. Though, killing two birds with one stone is quite worth it.



Premiere: 31.08.2018
Flute: 馬浚鋒 Ma Chun Fung Jeffrey
Clarinet: 温子俊 Wan Tsz Chun Ryan
Oboe: 陳念怡 Chan Nim Yee Carol
Horn: 陳慧玲 Chan Wai Ling Winnie
Bassoon: 呂紀賢 Lui Kei Yin