A Fishing Harbour / 漁港

Cello and Piano / 大提琴與鋼琴

This piece was inspired by Wu Guan Zhong’s ink painting, “A Fishing Harbour III”. The harbour, which was initially calm, were greatly disturbed by the clashing boats on the harbour. This piece was the first piece composed by me. Perhaps we could see it as a mirror of our Harbour, the Victoria Harbour.

這首作品靈感來自吳冠中的水墨畫作品 《漁港(三)》。風平浪靜的海港因小船與大船的碰撞而掀起巨浪。這首作品為作曲家的第一首作品。也許我們可以將此作品看成我們的海港 — 維多利亞港的寫照。

Premiere: 31.08.2018
Cello: 周恭志 Chow Kung Chi Aron
Piano: 李永霆 Lee Wing Ting