82’s Pepsi / 八二・百事

Two Dizis, Two Pipas, Two Percussionists, Two Huqins and Pepsi / 兩位笛子手、 兩位琵琶手 、 兩位敲擊樂手、 兩位胡琴手及百事可樂

今晚係我窗台小酒吧, 拿起係酒窖里取來82年百事 。


Tonight at my windowsill bar, I picked up an ’82 Pepsi from the cellar.

In that bright mirror, caused a body of their own do not know how much dust.
The year 82, is indeed a good year.

(Translated with DeepL)


The piece’s melody is derived from the Cantonese intonation of an internet copypasta, composed with the mood of what was described in the copypasta.

Premiere: 19.11.2023

Dizi: 何浩智 HO Ho Chi 羅麗櫻 LUO Lai Ying
Pipa: 李子庭 LEE Tsz Ting 王曉儀 WONG Hiu Yee
Percussion: 黃日鏘 WONG Yat Cheong 郭杏美 KWOK Hang Mei Kyomi
Gaohu/Zhonghu: 黃俊琛 WONG Chun Sum
Erhu: 李恒威 LEE Heng Wei