Three Dishes One Soup / 三餸一湯

Sound Installation / 聲音裝置

// Collaborative Work with Tat Sham

// Exhibited at speicherN 23

The perception of an individual’s “Taste” has an inseparable relationship with the food itself, and it is influenced by a larger socio-political context.

“People’s communes” is a Chinese socialist idea of collective units that govern production among populations. In the people’s commune, private cooking was discouraged and supplanted by communal dining. Therefore, People share the same dining space, eating the same dishes. The individual “taste” has been essentially removed.

However, things works differently in East/West Germany in the 80s, which the propaganda of West Germany believed East Germany’s food taste is underdeveloped and inadequate. East Germans are described as impoverished and overweight. “Taste” has essentially become a prejudice.

On the vis-a-vis dining table, the flavour of “cultural perception” is being shared sonically. Through interviews, we intend to initiate a dialogue between two similar but different food cultures and time periods, and to explore the significance of food in a person’s life.

Photo Credits: Matthias Bednasch